University Student Ministry - November 2014 Update


Dear Friends,

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus-University Student Ministry (USM) is at work on more than 41 campuses and 16 preparatory\high schools across the country. All programs are supervised by two full-time workers and one liaison officer, who is working in the southern part of the country.

Activities on the Campus Level New ministries have been started at Hawasa and Hosana, where over 187 students are expected to participate in the programs. More than 2,530 students from both campuses were given training on leadership development from bibilical and scientific perspectives. Open air conferences were conducted at 16 different locations. During these conferences, over 5,300 new believers received Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Some of the students used their school vacation for mission work. One group of students, supported financially by the rest of the students, traveled 110 km to Batu to conduct evangelism activities. As a result 2,281 heard the Good News, and 263 new members joined the Batu congregation. As these volunteers moved accross the country, they reached 108,718 people with the Good News in a short amount of time. Out of this number 26,492 new souls joined the church. Praise the Lord!

Personal Testimony Jaldessa Boru is one of the EECMY student leaders at Jimma University. He is a fourth-year student studying Water Resource and Hydrolic Engineering. During his summer vacation, he was very engaged in evangelism work, traveling extensively on the motorcycle he rented for this purpose. During his mission work, many people heard the Good News and received Jesus Christ as their personal savior. As he was returning from his travels, his motorcycle crashed and he was badly injured. God spared his life, and he is being treated at Yabelo Hospital.

Conclusion EECMY University Student Ministry nurtures and equips students to ensure growth in their faith. It also prepares the students to be good citizens, sharing their faith and bringing others to Christ. We are grateful for your partnership.

Prayer Requests

–for Jaldessa Boru as he recovers from his motorcycle accident
–for additional office help
–for enough donations to meet the budgetary needs of USM

Yours in his mission field,

Fekadu Begna Genala
University Student Ministry Coordinator    

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Amount needed in 2015

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