Hannah Ministry Tumurere - November 2014 Update


Dear Friends and Partners,

I greet you in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A number of you have been praying for an orphan girl by the name of Genevieve. She had an accident on January 26, 2014 which damaged her back and left her with an open fracture on her left leg. Genevieve was in the hospital for months lying on her back, pictured here. The wound on her leg was infected, and the doctors had trouble performing the surgery she needed so they kept her in the hospital. Meanwhile her hospital bill kept going up. With God’s help, she was finally able to have her surgery. 

I am very happy to share a new picture of Genevieve. After back surgery she was released from the hospital, recuperated at home, and is now back at school. She did experience some problems being readmitted into nursing school. I had hoped that she could transfer easily into her laboratory studies, but it was not easy.

It is a miracle to see her standing after six months lying face up. Please pray for the continued mending of her ankle and her leg. The healing has been slow, and she still has a cast on that leg. She also continues to undergo treatment.

She is very grateful to all those who intervened for her treatment. Hannah Ministry is also glad that help for an orphan in such critical condition could be arranged. We are thankful for partners like you.

May God bless you. Grateful for your partnership,

Josephine Mujawiyera
Hannah Ministry Tumurere

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