Ask Us to Help

We want to help you and your congregation discern how your gifts and passion intersect with the exciting things that God is doing in the world. We can introduce you to the people, projects and partnerships that comprise our work. There are three primary ways we can work together:

1.    Come travel with us. Click HERE for upcoming trips.
2.    Invite us to come and speak at your church or meet with your mission committee.
3.    Give us a call simply to talk about mission at your church.

Although we can work with you on nearly any topic, here are a few areas where we can resource your congregation in God’s mission:

  • What We Can Learn from the Global Church
  • What is a Missional Church?
  • Evangelism: The Heart of God’s Mission
  • Sharpening Your Church’s Mission Vision and Values
  • Developing a Congregational Mission Strategy
  • What in the World is God Doing in the Middle East?
  • The Church in China: Vital Faith, Dynamic Growth
  • Planning a Mission Trip?
  • Principles and Practices of Effective Cross-Cultural Partnerships
  • Understanding Islam: Good News for Muslims


Mission Papers