The Outreach Foundation Depends upon the generous financial support of mission-minded individuals and congregations in order to do our work. Your contribution, regardless of the amount, helps expand Christ-centered evangelistic global mission.


Mail, Phone, or Fax

Thank you for your interest in supporting God's mission around the world through the ministry of The Outreach Foundation. If you do not wish to use our online giving option, you may print a giving form and return it to us by mail or fax. Please click here for a printer-friendly PDF file to use in making a gift by check or credit card. (Right click to "save as...")

Your completed form can be mailed or faxed to:

The Outreach Foundation

381 Riverside Drive, Ste 110
Franklin, TN 37064

Fax: (615) 778-8887



You may also contact us by telephone
to make a contribution by credit card at
(615) 778-8881.



Automatic Giving

You may also make gifts through automatic recurring deductions from your checking or savings account through a process called Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Please click HERE for a printer-friendly EFT form.

Please complete the EFT Authorization Form and return it with a voided check or savings deposit slip via...

MAIL:    The Outreach Foundation
381 Riverside Drive, Suite 110
Franklin, TN  37064


FAX:      615-778-8887


Planned Giving / Great Commission Society

Blanche Rigby, known as “Bee” to her friends and congregation at First Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, loved her church and serving the Lord. She served as an Elder and taught Bible classes at First Presbyterian. And, she had a strong heart for global mission. 

When Bee died at age 98, her legacy and tireless support for mission lived on. Prior to her death, Bee met with her estate attorney and created a planned gift that, after her own resurrection day, allowed continued support of her mission passion. The Outreach Foundation used part of her gift to send study Bibles to pastors in the rural parts of Central and Western China. Bee wanted to ensure that the important work she began would live on. And it does!

The Outreach Foundation offers a unique opportunity to mission-minded stewards like Bee. Joining The Outreach Foundation’s Great Commission Society gives you the ability to strengthen the work of the global church and provide hope to children and adults for years to come. Members of the Great Commission Society have made a bequest in their will or living trust to The Outreach Foundation. 

Several simple sentences in your estate documents are all that’s needed. Your attorney or The Outreach Foundation staff can help you with the words. Through your planned gift, you can give away cash, property, securities, or real estate and designate it for the specific mission passion in your heart. 

For more information about The Great Commission Society and planned giving opportunities, contact Tom Widmer at The Outreach Foundation by phone (804) 441-3679 or by email by clicking the button below:

Create your own living legacy like Bee did, and keep the work of Christ alive and strong.


Download the Great Commission Brochure (PDF)


2017 Christmas Projects List

...God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
— 1 John 5:11

As we celebrate the birth of God’s greatest Gift to us, please consider honoring your loved ones with a gift in their name to one of the projects listed below. We will send you a Christmas card acknowledgment that you may send to the person you would like to honor. 


Alternative Christmas Gifts 


Food Parcel for Iraqi Christian Refugee Family in Jordan

When ISIS invaded northern Iraq in 2014, both Muslim and Christian families fled for their lives. Many Christian families ended up in neighboring Jordan. Today, many remain there awaiting resettlement by the UNHCR, the UN program protecting and supporting refugees. Because they are refugees awaiting resettlement, they do not work and thus are without income. Your gift of $26 for a food parcel will provide needed foods like rice, oil, sugar, pasta, tuna, tomato sauce, canned meat, beans and tea for Iraqi Christians to feed them for approximately one week.

Buckets for Cistern Construction
in Mexico

Running water is a luxury in the Mexican Yucatan. Our missionaries, Todd and Maria Luke, help families and villages in Campeche build cisterns to capture rain water for use in their homes, to water the livestock, and to irrigate their crops. It’s truly life giving. Cisterns are built of concrete, hand mixed and poured from five gallon buckets. About 17 buckets are used to complete the work. Each bucket is $3. Help bring lifesaving water to a family in Mexico by giving a set of buckets for $51.

Kindle for Linda Ross Library
in Kenya

Stu Ross and his late wife, Linda, coordinated mission projects in Kenya for many years. Their work included building churches, schools, girls’ rescue centers and managing water projects. Stu continues their work in Kenya and is honoring Linda’s love for young school girls there by building libraries in her name. Linda's Library at Grace Girls’ High School was dedicated in September and has five Kindles for the girls to access electronic versions of books not available in the library. Stu would like to have an additional 20 Kindles for this library. Each Kindle is $119.


You may also call to give a gift over the phone: 615-778-8881


While we sleep, Syrians flee from rockets and mortars.

War rages in Syria. But the Church is faithfully bringing spiritual, emotional and physical relief to the people. They desperately need our help.

We invite you to join The Outreach Foundation in support of the work and witness of the Presbyterian Church in Syria through its 18 congregations and eight pastors and the Presbyterian Church in Lebanon.