Todd and Maria Luke (Outreach) - November 2013 Update

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Dear Xpujil Mission Friends,

Prayer. We know how important it is, but we sometimes let it slide. To hand over our thoughts, concerns, and plans to God through prayer is an act of humility and power. I invite you to take a moment to read this letter as a prayer. May it unify us before our Lord and lead to many blessings.  

Lord, these things we pray:

Place your healing hand on our partners, Felipe Torres and Victor Guzman. A few weeks back, a large thorn punctured Felipe’s left leg below the knee. Although improving, pain still makes it difficult for him to walk and operate the tractor’s clutch. Victor recently suffered a sudden illness that left him too weak to walk. You provided sound doctors’ advice and medications that have aided his recovery. Comfort both men as they struggle to regain good health. 

Supply strength and courage for all our American and Mexican partners who suffer maladies beyond their control. Guide us as we step forward with our Mexican partners, to experiment and practice new farming techniques to increase harvest yields without hurting the land and the already tight family budget.

Thank you for the twenty-three cisterns we built together in 2013 with the twenty-three new recipient families. Your abundant autumn rains have filled those new cisterns and the other three hundred we built together over the last decade. 

Lord, you know that so many families of the Calakmul region still lack the gift of clean water. Ignite a spark of interest in our partners that will encourage them to join us in 2014 and enable us to build twenty or more cisterns together.

Please bless all our partners who share with us their time, gifts, talents, and prayers. In particular, thank you for your servant, Andy Combs. You sent him to Xpujil for the first time as an energetic youth in his mid-50s. Since then, he has returned dozens of times to work hard, worship, and love others in your name. Mr. Andy has led scores of people to serve in Xpujil over the years, giving each of them the opportunity to share what you have given. Dear Lord, never stop teaching us and inspiring us through men like Andy Combs. 

We lift up this prayer to you, knowing that you are gracious enough to add whatever it lacks.  Amen.  


Todd Luke

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Amount needed in 2014

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise a minimum of $3,100 per month in support and ministry funds for the Luke’s ministry.