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Namumu Orphanage Center - May 2019 Update

Dear friends and supporters of Namumu,

Greetings in the name of Christ our Lord. As we shared in our previous update, a team from Outreach traveled to Siavonga, Zambia where Namumu Orphanage is located in September 2018. The purpose of the trip was to visit the children and meet with the Namumu leadership. This picture shows the Outreach team and Namumu board members after a very productive meeting to map out strategies for care for the children.

We are pleased to share this message we recently received from the Namumu Orphanage coordinator, Mr. Siakwale:

“On behalf of the Namumu Orphanage Center management, board, and children, I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Outreach Foundation and local partners for continued support.

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Namumu Orphanage Center - January 2019 Update

Dear Outreach friends,

Greetings and Happy New Year! In September 2018, an Outreach team spent three days visiting the children at Namumu Orphanage Center (NOC) near the district town of Siavonga along the shores of Lake Kariba. People in the district rely mainly on fishing and tourism for economic support. Unemployment is very high, and the times are challenging for them.

The Outreach Foundation has been partnering with Namumu Orphanage Center since the early 2000s to support vulnerable and orphaned children with residential care and education. There are currently 22 children in residence (12 girls and 10 boys) ranging in age from grade five through secondary school. We have been working with the NOC board to strengthen this ministry.

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Namumu Orphanage Center - June 2018 Update

Dear friends,

We have seen tremendous progress at Namumu Orphanage Center since the beginning of this year. We have already celebrated high school, nursing and teaching degree graduations. Namumu now has cattle and poultry to supplement the children’s diets and is earning revenue from selling milk and eggs. The local Siavonga Rotary Club has been involved in helping with renovations, and we are looking forward to more graduations.

This garden is also being revamped. The children are involved in this project which not only imparts a sense of ownership but also trains and equips them in how to earn money and helps to prepare them for a bright future. 

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Namumu Orphanage Center - October 2017 Update

Dear friends,

Some of you have traveled to Namumu in Siavonga, on the edge of Lake Kariba, and fallen in love with that place and even more so with the children being cared for in that place. God has changed so many lives since Namumu’s inception. Frank Dimmock and I visited Namumu Orphanage Center in August and would like to update you on the situation there.

The vulnerability of children and families in the Siavonga district of southern Zambia is obvious and has been affirmed during our visits and by others we met there. During the three days we spent at Namumu this summer, we met with the children; Mr. Simamba, the director; Ms. Rudia Mwela, the nurse; the Namumu Board; and the government District Commissioner. They expressed appreciation for the support given to the Namumu children and addressed some of the concerns for the children’s well-being. 

We also met with the board of management and went to see the fishing boats on the lakeshore. Several years ago, The Outreach Foundation and other supporters assisted in the purchase of four fishing boats for Namumu to generate income with the goal of creating financial sustainability for the orphanage.

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Namumu Orphanage Center - October 2016 Update

Dear friends of Namumu children,

Greetings from The Outreach Foundation and from the Namumu children in Siavonga, Zambia. Most children coming to Namumu have had difficult lives as a result of poverty, death of parents due to HIV/AIDS, lack of love, or emotional stress. Namumu provides elementary and high school education to all residents. Over 300 children, including those in residence, have access to elementary education at a community school started with the center’s involvement and now turned over to the community to benefit from available government resources. We recently received several stories from Namumu children and would love to share one from Antia Samende, age 14, so that you can rejoice with us. 

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Namumu Orphanage Center - August 2015 Update

A team from The Outreach Foundation led by Rev. Bill Warlick, Southern Africa mission staff, and Ebralie Mwizerwa, projects coordinator, visited Namumu Orphanage in Siavonga, Zambia in May. Here is their report:

After arriving at Namumu we met with Phanuel L. Simamba (director) and Zenzo Sidembo (accountant). We brought boxes of rice donated by “Stop Hunger Now” and shipped by Alliance for Children Everywhere to the Crisis Nurseries in Lusaka. 

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Namumu Orphanage Center - May 2014 Update

Dear Partners and Friends of Namumu Children,

Greetings from The Outreach Foundation. A group from Outreach including the Rev. Anne Hilborn, Charlotte, N.C. and Ebralie Mwizerwa, Projects Coordinator for The Outreach Foundation, recently traveled to Siavonga to assess Namumu Orphanage Center (NOC). Several partners from the U.S. have expressed concerns for the state of the buildings at Namumu and also for the care the children are receiving. We would like to bring you an update on how things are at Namumu as partners in this noble task of caring for the least of these in Jesus’ name.                    

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