Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

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Cairo, Egypt

On June 1st we celebrated a wonderful time of graduation. The church was filled to overflowing with students as well as friends, families and our own seminary community, people who came to share our joy celebrating the graduation of 44 students. Eight of the students graduated with M. Div. degrees and will become pastors in congregations throughout Egypt; ten with Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership; twenty-five with Master of Arts in Theology and one student with Master of Theology. We praise God for the wonderful ways he is working through ETSC.

We are also grateful for the faithful support of our friends and partners inside and outside Egypt through which ETSC continues to provide affordable quality theological training to prepare pastors and lay leaders to serve the church and society in Egypt, the Middle East and Arabic communities abroad. Please join us in praying for our graduates as they face their daily challenges of ministry. Pray that each one of them will be able to fulfill God’s calling in serving the church and society.

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New Program Launched at ETSC
There is an English phrase, “If you blink, you might miss it.” At ETSC there always seems to be something new happening. On May 18th  ETSC celebrated the launching of a new program which will be introduced in the fall semester, namely the Master in Media Leadership (MML). This has arisen out of a partnership between the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo and the Christian Academy for Media (CAM). The program aims to build Christian leaders in the media sector, where their work is their ministry. It’s a two-year discipleship program for Christian leaders who have chosen to work in media. The program aspires to equip them technically for media ministry, teach them theological doctrines and leadership skills, and train them to reach out to others in their communities.

Why is this new program being introduced?
Twenty years ago, the idea of obtaining an Arabic Christian satellite TV channel in the MENA region was a dream. However prayers have been answered, and the MENA region currently has more than thirty-five TV channels on satellite; around thirty Christian radio channels are available online; and countless Christian audio-visual web pages get publicized on social platforms with the good news of the Gospel. With the rapid expansion of Christian media, the need for mass production increases. Our MML program seeks therefore to equip students to take the lead in transforming the Christian media future in the MENA region. Graduates of the MML program will be able to utilize various aspects of modern technology and media as worship and outreach tools to help the church effectively reach out to communities and carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our ever-changing world. Moreover, we need to equip skilled workers in the evangelistic media field in particular. Though we appreciate all the previous efforts in the field of Christian media, we realize that there needs to be a move towards greater professionalism. We look forward to seeing the fruits of the MML degree, as the Church reaches out to spread the Gospel through media in all of its many forms.

As always, please know that we cannot do this work without your partnership. We appreciate your prayers and financial support. The Outreach Foundation has been a tremendous supporter for the work and growth of ETSC.

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

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The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts of $10,000 per month for scholarships and operations; $20,000 for the Center for Middle East Christianity; and $80,000 for capital improvements of a newly purchased flat that will expand program capabilities for ETSC.