University Student Ministry - January 2017 Update


The University Student Ministry of the Mekane Yesus Church (EECMY) ministers to students on many campuses by gathering them in small discipleship groups for training and growth. In collaboration with the EECMY congregation closest to each campus, USM facilitates leadership development and Christian growth conferences as well as Christian education activities. Seminars led by different experts are also held at each campus.  

                                                               Bosena Mihret

                                                               Bosena Mihret

A female student network established by the Mekele EECMY congregation brings female Christian students from Mekele University in to share experiences, opportunities and challenges. Training is given on topics including awareness of sexual abuse, addiction, the role of the church in avoiding sexual abuse, harmful traditions and their effects, and the challenges for female students on campus. 

Personal Stories/Testimonies
Bosena Mihret
Bosena is a second year Mechanical Engineering student at Mekele University. Bosena shares how her connection with the congregation and her involvement in USM has changed her life:  
•    I was overwhelmed and frightened at first to be away from my family. The EECMY Mekele congregation welcomed me and my fellow students so warmly. I now consider the congregation my church family.
•    I have learned so much about overcoming challenges from the female student network. 
•    The spirit of togetherness with sisters and brothers in Christ in the Family Fellowship makes me feel comfortable and brings stability to my studies and spiritual life.
•    The Family Fellowship training has given me awareness and tools to overcome many challenges. 
•    I am maturing in every aspect of my life and preparing myself to serve my church, my community and beyond
with the full capacity that God has bestowed on me. 
•    I am now serving in the congregation. As result of this I am growing in my spiritual life and ministry. The EECMY Mekele congregation is my home, my church and everything to me. Many thanks to Pastor Zenebe and to the rest of the leaders and the congregants.

Eliyas Shumi
Eliyas Shumi is studying journalism at Mekele University. Eliyas notes that the Family Fellowship run by the EECMY Mekele congregation has helped him grow in his spiritual life, and he is being shaped by biblical ethics. He is actively involved in the fellowship and other ministries of the congregation. He says that the Family Fellowship provides him biblical knowledge and skills, and that his relationship with the fellowship and congregation has empowered him to serve other students and to witness Christ to others. The instruction about sexual behavior in a biblical context has helped him develop self-discipline and live an exemplary life. The lessons taught about the doctrine, vision and mission of EECMY have opened his eyes to further knowledge about his church, and he has committed himself to their multidimensional ministry. Eliyas emphasizes the commitment and the passion that Rev. Zenebe Alemu, pastor of the EECMY Mekele congregation, has for the USM. Pastor Zenebe acts as both pastor and father which attracts many students to the congregation. The congregation’s elders also warmly accommodate each and every need of the students so that the students experience the true life of Mekane Yesus and its congregants! Eliyas concludes by wishing the abundant blessings of God to all who seek him.

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Outreach is seeking $15,000 for training events, seminar support, and coordinators’ travel.