Rev. Dr. José Carlos Pezini (Mission Staff) - October 2014 Update

Portuguese-Language Ministries Coordinator

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! I am writing this update with much joy and enthusiasm as I think on the opportunities that I have had to mentor and coach pastors all over Brazil. The demand is great. Every single day I receive phone calls and emails from pastors asking for help. Many of them are facing burnout.

Just to give you an idea of the great need among pastors here in Brazil, in one of our recent SARA (from the Brazilian word for “heal”) retreats, five pastors out of fifteen confessed that they are taking anti-depressant medication. They also said that being at the retreat had given them the courage to open their hearts and share what is happening with them for the first time. The churches in Brazil are not prepared to deal with this problem. The churches don’t understand what is happening when pastors face burnout and need to take anti-depressants. 

I am glad that God is using the team that I have formed to take care of these pastors and help them through mentoring. By means of Skype conversations twice a month, two retreats a year, and pastors’ retreats that take place all over Brazil, God is releasing their burdens, bringing them peace in their hearts, and strengthening them to continue doing their ministry. 

A Testimony from Rev. José Dos Passos May 2014

When I arrived in Curitiba in May for a meeting with pastors led by Rev. Pezini, I was an emotional wreck. I did not have enough strength to carry out my duties, much less make any important decisions. When I introduced myself to the group of colleagues participating in the retreat, I began shaking and crying about my condition. I knew I had to make some important decisions in my ministry, but I was not calm nor at peace about it. So during these days of retreat activities and presentations my heart was calmed, and I began to feel the presence of the Lord at work among us and in my life in particular. The times of sharing and silence were used by God to touch my life. At the end of the retreat, I left with a light heart and a clear mind ready to once again make good decisions. These decisions could now be made with much peace in my heart. My family, including my wife and son, felt the calmness as well and decided to join with me in carrying out the results of what God was doing in my life. I acknowledge that you, Pezini, your wife, and your staff were used by God to bring about this change and transformation in my life. All of you have given me an opportunity to grow in the grace of my heavenly Father and to realize what I needed to see about myself. Today I have full awareness   of God’s will in my life and in my ministry. I know what I want and desire. I can no longer continue without this time of refreshment and the realignment of the guidelines you taught me in both my ministry and life. All of this comes through the wise direction of our heavenly Father. And so I can say, many thanks to you, Pezini, my brother, and to all of your   co-workers. Continue steadfast in this ministry that God has given you, and may he bless you greatly in the peace of the Lord of the harvest.


J.C. Pezini
Curitiba, Brazil

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