Rwanda #3: Today was a blessed day

by Jennifer Lowe Ellis, for the team

Our first morning in Rwanda! We woke up this morning to birdsong, a cool breeze and a bit of soft rain.  The Presbyterian Church guesthouse is lovely and comfortable and will be our home for the week. After a satisfying breakfast of oatmeal, mango, passion fruit, and eggs we enjoyed the ride to church through the hills of Kigali. 

At church we were greeted warmly with smiles, hugs and handshakes. The Kanombe Presbyterian Church in Kigali is Ebralie’s home church and it was a special morning to be with them and worship with them. 

Ebralie delivered a moving sermon about doing the work of Jesus from right where you are, using the gifts you have been given by God. She spoke to the congregation in Kinyarwanda, and each of us had a translator sitting close  to help us understand. After the church choirs filled the room with lively song and dance our team sang a song in Swahili that we had prepared for the congregation. They especially loved the beautiful young voices of Parrish, Ada, Tinsley, and Kendall. 

Lunch was served at Pastor Denis Niyonsenga’s home, prepared by his wife Lousie. We really enjoyed getting to know several of the church members over another delicious meal. Cassava and purple yams were new tastes for most of us! 

After lunch we headed back to the church for a Sunday Concert of choirs and singers from the area churches. We sang once again, and then made our way back to the guest house for a rest, dinner and an early bedtime. 

Today was a blessed day, shared with our brothers and sisters in Rwanda. It was the perfect introduction to this beautiful country and its vibrant people.