Day 6: Two Stories

Greetings from Mozambique!  We would like to share with you two events that happened to us today that were impactful. The first happened when we went to visit a water well that was funded by gifts through The Outreach Foundation.  A lot of communities have to walk miles for water that might not even be clean.  I can't imagine my family having to do without running water!  I came across a boy at the well who was cleaning his shoes--  shoes that would have been in our trash can.  He took so much pride in them, his only possessions.

The second story is about a health clinic that we visited in a remote area, also funded through The Outreach Foundation.  As we approached and were in the process of a tour, we came across a very young pregnant woman who was having back pain. She was advised to walk to the clinic for care and to make sure she wasn't going into labor.  I can't imagine my daughter being eight months pregnant and not having the care needed.  I am so thankful for the blessings in my life and for the work that The Outreach Foundation is doing for my brothers and sisters here in Africa with God's help.

We also visited a school under construction at Kadiso, slated to be completed in two weeks.  It was rewarding to see the students and teachers who came out on a Saturday to see us.  The village chief and the prinicipal were so grateful for this gift of love from a Presbyterian church in central Florida.

Sorry we don't have any photos today, but we're having difficulty sending them electronically.  In the meantime, check out Cullen Douglas' videos on YouTube by clicking here:  Videos.


Phoebe WIlliamson for the Mozambique Team