Precious Time In Davydovo, Russia

We have arrived in Moscow after some precious days in the tiny village of Davydovo---population 70!  In the photo below, you will see me with the priest, Fr Vladimir Klimzo, and his wife, Olga.  They graciously housed all 8 of we Faithful Women in their home as we learned much about the BIG ministries of their small congregation.

The Outreach Foundation has committed to seeking partners, both congregations and individuals, to come support the summer camp, which provides three week long stints for severely handicapped children, to come with one of their parents.  Each child is given their own volunteer for the three weeks and the parents have a chance to rest and be encouraged and restored.  I couldn't help but hear the echo of Christ's words, "As long as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me..."

The noble old cathedral looms over the village and had been in ruin when Fr. V arrived, having been turned into a flax processing plant under Stalin and then abandoned.  Slowly but surely it is being restored and symbolizes the resurgence of the Church in those places.  But with the limited resources given priority for ministry FIRST, it may be a while, if ever, before it returns to its former glory.  But the Spirit is alive and well and building up the Kingdom in Davydovo!

Marilyn for the Faithful Women in Russia Team