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Justo Mwale University - December 2015 Update

Dear friends and partners,

Greetings from Lusaka, Zambia. It is always a joy to hear from former students who are thriving in pastoral ministry. I invite you to read this recent email interaction I had with one such pastor now serving in Malawi. The subject line reads, “Extension of my ministry area.”

Jankens: I just wanted to inform you that my ministry area has been extended to eight congregations from five, with 1,600 members as the minimum number of congregants. 

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Dustin and Sherri Ellington (PCUSA) - June 2015 Update

Dear Friends,

On May 9 we had our first graduation ceremony under our institution’s new name, Justo Mwale University. The school has transitioned from Justo Mwale Theological College to what Zambia’s government calls a “university college” to a full university. We are now a (small) university. Our main work is still to prepare people to become pastors in countries throughout Southern Africa. 

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Justo Mwale Theological University College - December 2014 Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

Greetings from Zambia. Sherri and I are so grateful for the individuals and congregations which support our mission service here in Zambia. It is quite encouraging to have people behind us. I am writing now in order to share about a possible scholarship opportunity for a Presbyterian student where I teach and train pastors for ministry at Justo Mwale Theological University College. Many thanks for those who are already supporting students here at Justo Mwale. Your investment is definitely making a difference in the lives of congregations.

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