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Clean Drinking Water in Kenya - January 2016

Dear friends,

We began our work in the Loodokilano Mission area by building seven churches. We are now building a girls’ boarding primary school and girls’ rescue center. Rev. Charles Maina, the vibrant minister we partner with in Loodokilano, takes a holistic approach to his ministry by looking at the overall needs of the communities in the area. One of the greatest needs is water.

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Clean Drinking Water in Kenya - February 2014 Update

Dear Friends,

The phrase “water is life” was heard many times this day! We recently dedicated the borehole at Nasoroni. This town has been without water for three years. We found out about their situation while we were building their church. The fifteen year-old generator used at their borehole died and couldn't be repaired. We teamed up with another NGO and the village to raise approximately $12,000 and bought them a new generator.

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