Namumu Orphanage Center

Dear Partners in Caring for Children at Namumu,

Meet one of Namumu’s residents: Stanley Hakalima. Stanley is a 17 year-old student at Siavonga Basic School. He is from Lusitu and has been at Namumu since 2004. Despite a difficult childhood, he has developed into an intelligent, confident young man

Stanley lost his father as a baby and his mother soon after he was brought to Namumu. He had been living with his mother, grandmother, and three younger siblings in in a run-down structure that leaked water. Food was very scarce. His mother used to crush stones and sell them to earn money. However, she was often too sick to do this. So Stanley was reduced to begging or living on the streets before Namumu found him. He had never been to school and had led a miserable life for a young boy. Stanley was constantly hungry and embarrassed to be begging. He says he would have ended up as a street thief or beggar if Namumu had not rescued him.

Stanley’s life has been considerably better since 2004. He is a good student and is thankful for the food and safe lodging he receives at Namumu. He worships at St.Marks Presbyterian Church and sings in the choir. He enjoys playing football but says his favorite hobby is making shoes, for which he has a natural talent. He wants to be a pilot when he grows up but will take any job that allows him financial independence and enables him to help his younger siblings.

Stanley’s story is an example of what a difference Namumu’s supporters are making in the lives of some of the less fortunate children of Zambia! Rev. Bill Warlick and Ebralie Mwizerwa are traveling to Namumu April 25-28 to visit with the children and to participate in a round table discussion with Namumu leaders. Among other topics, the ministry’s sustainability and an efficient exit strategy for Namumu graduates will be considered. 

Thankful for your generosity to vulnerable children,

Ebralie Mwizerwa, Projects Coordinator
The Outreach Foundation