Home of Hope

Dear friends of Home of Hope,

We had the great pleasure of meeting with Rev. Bill Warlick and Ebralie Mwizerwa of The Outreach Foundation, together with Lee Cooper, South Highland Presbyterian Church, AL; and Frank Dimonck, Tom Hays, and Doug Tilton of PC(USA) on May 9. They had visited the Home the previous week very early in the morning and did the feeding and medicine distribution under Joan and Craig’s guidance. They experienced first hand the joy of feeding the hungry and caring for the sick in Christ’s name.

The Home sent Tatenda and his smaller brother, Tapiwa, back home to Bikito in southern Zimbabwe to get them off the streets. They have a mother and older brother still living there. Their mother is nearly crippled, so she has to depend on her eldest son to look after her. The eldest son never went to school but wants to go to South Africa to make money for the family. In their area, they are having a very hard time with their crops due to poor rainfall. The Home gave the boys sufficient funds for two terms of school fees. However, Tatenda returned with a note from the headmaster saying he needed a school uniform and is always late because he lives far from the school. He was provided with funds for the uniform, some maize meal, and a bicycle. He is now in seventh grade. Please join us in prayer that he will finally be able to settle into his new school and home environment.

Children’s Room
Joan converted the large room where clothes, materials, shoes, and other sewing materials were usually kept into a recreation room for the boys. This is where their soccer game table, TV, and cupboards for their games, books, and videos are kept. There is also a bed so if any of the boys are feeling sick they can spend the day in the bed. It was an excellent plan, providing greater utilization of available space.

On a sad note, we were so excited when O’Brien’s father was located and took him home with him. O’Brien was given a place in both New Hope Home for HIV Children and at a proper school. Sadly, O’Brien is now back on the streets. Home of Hope had helped him for a couple of years until he became very ill and was put into the hospital where he was diagnosed with HIV. He seems to prefer being on the streets even though he is a very ill boy. This is a big challenge for us, and he needs our prayers.

Training Women
We have wonderful news about four of the trainee women – they have been hired to make school uniforms. The new class this year has a total of 26 ladies. Lucy begins each day for them with prayer and songs.We plan to show the ladies the Jesus movie in their language at lunchtime. Most of them have not seen it before. We will also show them other biblical movies. The ladies are learning great dressmaking skills.

Growing Vegetables 
The Home is once again attempting to grow vegetables. The goal of this project is for the children to learn how to grow their own food and be responsible for it. The children are very excited as they have never done anything like this before and can’t wait to see the plants grow.

With our love and God’s blessings from all at Home of Hope in Zimbabwe.

The steps of the Godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble,they will not fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.     Psalm 37

With much love,
Joan Trevelyan, Craig Trevelyan, Dave and Ria Rock