Home of Hope

Dear Friends,

We praise and thank God that all of us here are experiencing good health. Joan and Craig recently visited the Rocks’ home to take a break and discuss Home of Hope’s needs and other issues and had a wonderful time of fellowship and catching up. The change of scenery also gave Joan and Craig a welcome time out from the constant activity and noisy roads that surround them.

The small group of six sewing mothers completed their garments at the end of July. They were presented with all the materials necessary to make and sell a new garment to start generating funds for themselves. In addition, they enjoyed a lunch of chicken and cake and each of them received a Bible and a bag of maize meal. A new group of 17 women started training one week later.

Food and other costs continue to rise. However, God supplies our every need. A vendor now delivers bread regularly at 25 cents/ loaf cheaper than shop prices - the Home uses 60 to 70 loaves per week. Locals have continued their giving, may God bless them. In July, they brought maize meal, peanut butter, jam, fruit juice, a lot of sweets and biscuits for the kids, Kapenta (small dried fish), and knitted caps. A winter jacket was also donated which was given to an old man who was thrilled to receive it when he was being fed early one very cold morning. In August, the Home received gifts of food and a lot of toys which will be handed out at Christmas time.

Three new boys have joined the group of schoolchildren and were given clothes. One of the regular street boys has been very ill and was taken to the clinic where he received medicine. A young boy who attends Presbyterian Club has not been well. His feet are always swollen, so Joan and Craig took him to the clinic. He was transferred to the hospital and was there for nearly two weeks. They ran a lot of tests and said it could be malnutrition, allergies, or his diet. The Home could not afford his hospital costs, so social welfare agreed to pay the bills. Relatives found two of the boys back on the streets. One came back to the Home, but unfortunately one returned to the streets. He is sick with AIDS, and he often has to be taken to the clinic. Another couple of boys stopped attending the Presbyterian Club and coming to the Home. Joan and Craig encouraged them to return. Unfortunately one dropped out again - so very sad! Teaching life disciplines is one of our goals, but they cannot be forced or the children will just drop out.

As God has been a blessing to all of us here in Zimbabwe, we thank him constantly for your on-going love and support, with our loving thoughts going to you in return. May God continue to look over you and bless you for your kind hearts, your love, your prayers, and your support.

Joan, Craig, Ria, and Dave 

The Outreach Foundation