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Mexico: Christ-centered Community Empowerment

February 20-27, 2018
Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Get to know firsthand how rural villages are experiencing abundant life by realizing the strength of the body of Christ working together in the Calakmul region. Join a movement of holistic transformation that, motivated and permeated by the Gospel, has resulted in better health, improved relationships and a greater sense of dignity through the construction of 448 water cisterns. We will be led by Ch’ol Indian Presbyterians as we help build rainwater catchment tanks. 

Limit: 10 people

Other activities: 
•    worship with our Presbyterian brothers and sisters
•    visit Mayan ruins built during the first millennium A.D.
•    gather for one night near the Caribbean coast in the city of Playa del Carmen

Ground Cost: $1,200 (includes the cost of cisterns) 

For more information: 
Lisa Dill (615) 778-8881