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A school day in the life...

School mornings begin very early at Tumaini Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya. The secondary school students (44 of them, ages 14 to 19) must leave for school at 6 a.m. Before that they must clean their room, make their beds, bathe, dress and eat a porridge breakfast. It is especially difficult when there is no water readily available. The primary students (81 of them, some as young as 4) must follow the same procedure for a 7 a..m. departure. There are two matrons at the home responsible for making sure that this process moves smoothly and efficiently. It has been raining for the past three days and some of the school uniforms are not quite dry (understatement). It is 7:20 now and much quieter around the campus. It’s time for cleanup and beginning preparation for the lunches for the primary students.

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Caring for Vulnerable Children in Jesus' Name

The Outreach Foundation's Projects Coordinator Ebralie Mwizerwa and Africa Mission Specialist Frank Dimmock are in Kenya for the first part of their trip visiting vulnerable children's ministries in Africa. On March 5-6 they will meet with the Board of Tumaini Children's Ministry in Nyeri. Ebralie shared the following blog about the first days of their journey: 

We arrived safely in Nairobi on Friday morning around 3:50 a.m. We were delayed in Chicago, missed our connection and were re-routed through Cairo on Egyptian Air – then on to Nairobi. We were so tired when we finally arrived that we decided to rest and travel to Nyeri Friday afternoon.

We were well-received at Tumaini and shared a delicious meal with Rev. Nicholas Miriti, parish pastor; Eunice Kago, Tumaini home manager; Peter Mucheru, session clerk; Virginia Munyiri and Fred Magua, Tumaini board chair.

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