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Egypt #8: Heroes

by Brian Stewart

Months ago when I first saw the itinerary for our trip, the name jumped out at me: Nag Hammadi. Just about everyone who has studied early Christian history knows this is the site of the 1945 discovery of a collection of 3rd and 4th century Coptic manuscripts called the “Nag Hammadi Library.” These documents reflect a system of thought called “Gnosticism” which draws a hard distinction between the spirit and the body. I chuckled to myself and thought, “I wonder if I’ll see any Presbyterian Gnostics when I visit Nag Hammadi?” Instead, what I found were a bunch of heroes who are deeply committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Egypt #7: Sheep

by Peggy Shirley

Today, we were filled with great joy to visit El Adaima Church and once again see Reverend Shenouda Girgis his wife, Angel and their children; Joshua, Jonestta and Justin, and their congregation.  We were excited to be in fellowship with them again and celebrate with them the new church they are building.

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Egypt #6: God on the Move

by Kendra Norton

If God is on the move, then his church is on the move too -- sometimes in surprising ways. That is exactly what is happening here in Luxor, the latest stop on our church journey through Egypt.

After a restful evening in this small, quiet city (at least compared to Cairo), our group divided in half to visit different churches, and one group had the privilege of visiting the Presbyterian Church of Luxor and meeting Pastor Mahrous Karam. This church is on the move in the most literal way.

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Egypt #5: Word and Deed

by Tim Norton

Word and deed. The phrase has been ringing in my ears all day. Christians join God's mission by proclaiming Christ with words and demonstrating Christ with actions. The two cannot be separated. Making Christ known is an epic pursuit of show and tell -- word and deed. The phrase is a fitting summary of our final day in Cairo before journeying to Upper Egypt.

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Egypt #4: Equipping

by Matthew Hornaday 

After sleeping in a bit, we enjoyed a life-giving day with leaders and students of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) learning, worshipping, laughing, and even riding on a felucca boat.  Dr. Tharwat Wahba*, Dr. Atef Gendy, and Dr. Sherif Nakhla shared about the history of ETSC and how ETSC has evolved since Dr. Atef became President in July 2000.

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Egypt #3: Wonders

by Deena Candler

After a couple of busy days visiting churches, today was a day to experience Egyptian history and culture. We began with a visit to the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx. This is the only remaining wonder of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, and it truly is magnificent.

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Egypt #2: Lessons

by Mark Mueller

The Middle East has many lessons to teach the church. In Iraq, the church has remained the faithful remnant despite war, sanctions, and upheaval. In Lebanon, the church moves forward amid protests, poverty, and instability. In Syria, the church is rebuilding after invasion, strife, and migration. In each of these countries, the church has served as a model of resiliency and faithfulness.

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Egypt #1: Waiting

by Marilyn Borst

It would be a few days before all 17 members of our team would be here in Egypt together – some were delayed by winter weather and others took a detour to see their sister-church in another part of the country. But on Saturday, the 10 of us who had arrived the night before greeted the new day in our ”home” for the next 6 days: ETSC (Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo). We soon saw precious family like Mariam Hanna, who is Director of Development for ETSC, and students like Amen Magdy, a third-year student who was excited to share news of his engagement to Sarah Iskander!

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