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Egypt Trip Blog: For the Sake of the Church

by Nancy Fox

Jesus said to Peter, “...I will build my church” (Mt 16). The Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo (ETSC) exists for the sake of the church, in order to serve in the Lord’s work of building up his body of called out ones. Our five days in which we visited fourteen diverse churches in the heart of Egypt was the best possible introduction to the work of ETSC because we saw and heard daily of the life-giving impact especially of ETSC’s mission program, which The Outreach Foundation (Outreach) was privileged to support and the seminary President Atef Gendy to start in 2001.

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Egypt Trip Blog: The Church in Egypt

by Rob Weingartner

Our time here  is quickly drawing to a close, and we are discovering that even as our hearts turn towards home, a part of our hearts will remain here, in Egypt, with the church. Outreach’s board chair, Rev. Dr. Nancy Fox, Stephanie Eshelman, a member of National Presbyterian Church, and I have been richly blessed, including by the Egyptians who joined us for our journey south to visit churches in the cities and villages of Upper Egypt. We thank God for Mourad Sedley (churchman and travel agent extraordinaire), Amany Shokry (staff with the Pastoral and Outreach Ministries Council of the Synod of the Nile) and Tharwat Wahba (Director of the POMC and Professor of Missiology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo.

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Egypt Trip Blog - The Water of Life

by Nancy Fox, for the team

The Nile River has always been the source of life in Egypt. For the last three days, we have been working our way up the Nile, South from Cairo, passing through various types of desert as well as agricultural communities, villages and cities, crossing and re-crossing the river on bridges and even one ferry. Over the centuries, but especially since the building of the Aswan Dam, Egyptians have built 24,000 miles of canals to bring this water of life to their communities, farms, and homes. With water (and some hard work and fertilizer, all the fullness of life is made possible.

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