Posts in Egypt 2016

by Laurie Jaworski

We have had a very full and rich time since we arrived in Egypt visiting churches, meeting pastors, hearing about their struggles and dreams for the future. I am thoroughly impressed by their dedication, in some ways putting their own lives in harm's way due to their commitment to Christ. This evening I decided to stay back from the evening church service because I wasn't feeling 100% – I didn't want to ruin the rest of the trip with symptoms worsening. Several of us have been struggling with sickness (colds and/or stomach upset). We would appreciate your prayers. 

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Sunday Worship with our Egyptian Brothers and Sisters

by Alan Reed

We worshiped today with Egyptian brothers and sisters from the Attareen Church in Alexandra, which was established in 1902. Our first song "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him," a Christmas song for us, is one of their worship songs. We were excited to have Kimmy Stokesbary preach the morning message from Romans 8: 28-39. Her message was encouraging – that even though we experience struggles and suffering, God's love remains and through Him, we are more than conquerors. Nothing will ever separate us from God's love.

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The Love and Compassion of Egyptian Pastors

by Mary Lynne Nielsen

Yesterday we were in Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, where six million people are served by ten Presbyterian churches. In the morning we visited Attareen church, founded in 1882 by a pastor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The building has beautiful features including a wood ceiling and beams – the same design as a church in Pittsburgh. At the front of the sanctuary is a large blue arch on which Isaiah 45:22 is written in Arabic script. Pastor Radi stood in front of that arch and shared with us his heart to serve both his educated congregants and the 60% of Alexandria’s congregants who live in the slums. 

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Light in the Darkness

by Tricia Sale

I am writing this on the bus. It is evening, dark, just starting to cool off a bit,  and we are bumping along a narrow potholed street with lots of curious onlookers waching our procession. It has been an amazing and exhausting day of visiting churches outside of Cairo, so full of contrasts of light and dark in the world that I can hardly sort out what I have experienced.


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The Impact of ETSC on Egypt and the World

by Ben Behrendt

Our third day in Egypt and spirits are high! After a hearty breakfast of fava beans and pita bread, we spent the day in the friendly confines of ETSC (Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo). Led by our trusty Scottish guide, we were given a tour of the seminary. Colin was quick to tell us that the seminary 'always has a vision for the future.' And this vision of ETSC has been clear from the beginning.

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God's Work in Moassat

by Kimmy Stokesbary

Today a small group of us had the opportunity to visit a new church development project in Moassat, Egypt. While it was my second time visiting the church, this time, I was struck by the piles of garbage, the small fires burning garbage, the people working to sort the garbage, and the overwhelming smell of garbage. As we got closer to the church, Reverend Ekram, the pastor in Moassat, turned around and asked me how I felt. I didn’t have words to respond. And then we arrived, and as we piled out of the van, the garbage-filled streets were filled with the sound of music, beautiful music. You see, inside this church almost one hundred women and children were gathered for their weekly meeting, a time of worship and testimony. 

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Outreach Team Arrives in Cairo

by Tom Widmer

The Outreach Egypt team has made it to Cairo safe and sound – or at least safe! Most of us traveled about 20 hours to get here, so we're a bit bedraggled. Enthusiastic but bedraggled! We are 16 in number from VA, MD, NC, SC, GA and CA. Most are here for the first time, but our faithful co-leader, Rev. Nancy Fox, counts this as her 14th trip to Egypt! Can't get too much of it!

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