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Brazil #4 - In Relationship with God and with One Another

by Rev. Jerry Deck, for the team

I have just returned from my first trip to Brazil, where I was able to see what God was doing through his people in that remarkable country. The church I serve as pastor, Zionsville Presbyterian Church, has partnered with the church in Brazil for several years. We have helped to plant churches, invested in care for pastors through the SARA Retreat Ministry for Pastors project, and more recently helped to launch Great Banquet (a long weekend retreat that has shaped ZPC for more than two decades). What became clearer to me during my week in Brazil was how, not surprisingly, the power of this partnership is found in the relationships that have been formed between ZPC and the Brazilian church. It was a great reminder to me that at the root of who we are, as image-bearers of God, are a people who were created to be in relationship with God AND with one another.

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Brazil #3 - Much Bigger than the Amazon Rainforest

by Juan Sarmiento, for the team

“Where is Venezuela?” The continental proportions of Brazil, in addition to its character as the only Portuguese speaking country in the hemisphere, must have been some of the possible reasons behind the many times that I used to be asked this question about my country of birth when I was a student here in the early 90’s.

One of the biggest surprises that I received on this visit to Brazil after all these years is that Venezuela is in the news and a common topic of conversation. Thousands of families from Venezuela are walking days through the Amazon rainforest in search of what appear to be better living conditions in communities in the northern state of Roraima. According to the Economist, this is “the largest movement of people in Latin American’s recent history.” BBC estimates the number of Venezuelans arriving here to be 35,000.

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Brazil #2: Purposeful Gatherings

by John Terech, for the team

At another wonderful lunch offered by one of our hosts for our trip, the host family I had first met two years ago to the day, Juan said to me, “You have been bitten by the Brazilian bug!” I knew he was totally correct in that analysis. I love this country! This is my third trip to Brazil to work on reverse mission partnerships, meaning that I am here to find church planters to come and plant with our denomination back in the United States to serve Brazilian communities. It is not hard work. Granted, finding the right planter for the right place is never easy. But the process here is so enjoyable. The people of Brazil have the gift of hospitality. They are warm, affectionate, caring and a people full of faith. They want to make sure your visit is special and indeed, every time I am here I feel that way.

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Brazil: Hospitality, Folklore, Pop Songs and Bearing Fruit

by Tim Lee, for the team

I have only been in Brazil for a short time, but there are so many things that have amazed me about this county. For starters, I could easily rave about the warm hospitality that I’ve received, the delicious food I have eaten, and the number of extra pounds I have put on. Or in visiting a number of churches, I could share of a long-standing Presbyterian church that has adapted old traditions to fit contemporary culture. I was mesmerized by the use of modern art and stained glass to communicate its eight values, its multiple choirs for the adults, youth, and children, and a converted prayer chapel with the soft blue glow in the outline of the cross, rich with tradition, silence, and symbolism yet fitting a chic, calming ambiance.

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