SARA: Retreat Ministry for Pastors
in Brazil

About Our Partner

Mentoring Retreat Curitiba.JPG

The Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil

SARA is an acronym for a retreat ministry that has been developed by Outreach’s Portuguese-language Ministries Coordinator, J.C. Pezini, and a colleague in the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil, the Rev. Mario Gois. The meaning of the Portuguese words behind “SARA” is “serving,” “helping,” “refreshing,” and “befriending.” A typical retreat involves up to 20 pastors over three days. The outcomes envisioned for those participating in a SARA retreat are that they will establish (re-establish) a life of personal piety making use of the classical spiritual disciplines; that they will find a spiritual mentor; that they will engage in spiritual conversations with fellow pastors as part of their being colleagues in ministry; and that they will take a regular day off. From one retreat in 2013, SARA has grown to twenty-two retreats. From three original mentors who lead the retreats and provide follow-up ministry, there are now over two dozen mentors with many more needed. A movement has begun, says Pezini, humbly amazed at what God is doing.    

The Impact

SARA, a retreat ministry for pastors in Brazil, was created to address a huge crisis in Brazil among pastors who are laboring hard but whose souls need restoring. In just a few years, Outreach Foundation’s Mission Staff J.C. Pezini and a team of Brazilian pastors have seen SARA retreats multiply across the country and across denominations to provide a time of refreshment, healing, friendship and on-going support for those who serve in ministry.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $5,000 to defray costs of attending SARA retreats for pastors who cannot afford them.