Rwanda Church Construction

About Our Partner

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR)

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (EPR), with over 300,000 members, was introduced in 1907 by Protestants from the German Bethel mission. From the very beginning, the evangelistic work was done by Rwandans who accepted the gospel. The church is growing by leaps and bounds more than any other time in history. After the genocide, much emphasis has been placed on reconstruction and expanding the church’s impact to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of Rwandans. There is a huge need for sanctuaries that are also multipurpose halls for various community interests such as schools and other gatherings. As in all places in Africa, congregation members have tried to provide bricks and labor for their new sanctuaries. Problems arise in completing the roof, doors, and windows. Rain destroyed several of their attempts, but they are not discouraged. These roofs help protect the structures, but as long as there are no doors and windows it may be destroyed by strong wind and heavy rain. We continue to invite you to prayerfully consider helping the church in Rwanda to roof and close their sanctuaries.

The Impact

Over the last several years, in partnership with Presbyterians in the U.S., Outreach helped the church in Rwanda complete three new sanctuaries – Kanombe, Busanza and Shyorongi – and put roofs on seven rural churches – Karangara, Rukamiro, Gatare, Rukira, Musaza, Karwihura and Murwa. 

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $30,000 for new church buildings and an additional $20,000 for roofing, doors and windows on unfinished sanctuaries.