José  Carlos Pezini

Mission Team


About Our Partner

A native of Brazil, the Rev. Dr. José Carlos Pezini joined The Outreach Foundation in 2002 as a missionary to the U.S.A. among Portuguese-speaking immigrants. Since then, Pezini has worked with Brazilian immigrants and PC(USA) presbyteries to launch over a dozen new immigrant fellowships and churches. Increasingly, however, Pezini’s gifts and the fruitfulness of his ministry in the U.S. brought calls from the wider Portuguese-speaking world, especially Brazil, for help in leadership training. The Outreach Foundation responded to these “Macedonian calls” by moving Pezini and his wife, Odete, back to Brazil in May, 2012. Pezini began working with two Presbyterian denominations in the areas of new church development. He also joined a Brazilian church planting ministry, the Center for Training Church Planters, as adjunct staff. In 2013, after  receiving requests from pastors for coaching and mentoring that were too numerous to handle one-on-one, Pezini and another Brazilian pastor began developing a retreat ministry for these new church development pastors. The name of the ministry is SARA from the Brazilian word for “heal.” SARA is designed to refresh and renew the souls of these hard-working pastors. Odete is deeply involved in SARA alongside Pezini.

The Impact

For the first twenty years of his ministry, Pezini was involved in planting churches. For the past ten years he has focused on developing leaders through training programs, one-on-one mentoring, and retreat ministries. Pezini’s impact is to help pastors restore the soul of their ministry and align themselves with God’s purposes for their lives.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $95,000 for support and ministry funds.

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SARA, a retreat ministry for pastors in Brazil, was created to address a huge crisis in Brazil among pastors who are laboring hard but whose souls need restoring. In just a few years, Outreach Foundation's Mission Staff J.C. Pezini and a team of Brazilian pastors have seen SARA retreats multiply across the country and across denominations to provide a time of refreshment, healing, friendship and on-going support for those who serve in ministry.