Mabati School Construction.png

PCEA Mabati School Construction
in Kenya

About Our Partner

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA)

Kirsten Shaw, a trustee of The Outreach Foundation, traveled with a group from First Pres of West Point, MS to work with Stu Ross in Kenya in 2018.

East Africa is in dire need of schools. Existing schools are generally very run down and not maintained very well. Nearly 60 percent of high school age children do not have a school to attend on a daily basis. The PCEA has a vision to provide a future with hope for children in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. They are constructing schools, two classrooms at a time. Congregations are encouraged to start the schools, usually nursery schools, in their churches first. When they have the students, The Outreach Foundation comes alongside to assist with two classrooms. These classrooms are used for regular schooling, Sunday School, meetings, and feeding programs. The receiving congregation provides the land and the foundation for the building. After this is finished, we help them complete the classrooms. It is a great way for churches from the U.S. to work with groups and to be involved in changing the lives of many children and communities. Churches from the U.S. can also form long-term relationships through a commitment to build two classrooms every two years as the church school grows to a completed primary school.

The Impact

Nothing, apart from faith in Christ, holds promise for changing lives like education. This project helps congregations launch educational ministries that are the first step in helping children learn in a context of Christian love. The Outreach Foundation has completed over 150 school buildings that are serving as centers of transformation and growth for the PCEA in Kenya.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $80,000 for school classrooms and equipment. Each block of two classrooms totals $7,500.