Pars Theological Center
for Iran and the Iranian Diaspora

About Our Partner

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Hundreds of underground house churches are mushrooming all over Iran. This phenomenal growth has stimulated a group of theologically trained Iranians in the Diaspora (outside of Iran) to set up a virtual seminary to train leaders for the growing church. The leadership team comes from several Protestant communions, combining their efforts for this kingdom work. They make use of the internet, IT technology, satellite TV, and week-long conferences to deliver Farsi-language theological training to Iranian Christians both inside and outside Iran. This project involves the production of an online program of biblical, theological, and ministerial study to produce 128 credit hours of material in Farsi. Classes are taught by well-known Iranian pastors, Bible teachers, and theological instructors and are made available through the internet, satellite TV, flash drives, etc. in a video format. The London-based theological center collaborates with many groups including networks of underground cells in Iran and Iranian churches in the Diaspora to carry out their work.

The Impact

The Iranian Church is an underground, persecuted church, yet it is among the fastest-growing churches in the world. To ensure that this numerical growth is matched by a deepened knowledge of the word of God and the Christian truth, a “virtual” seminary has been set up outside of Iran to train leaders for this growing house-church movement. Feedback from participants indicates that the content of the training, the multimedia approach to delivering theological education, and the holistic approach to the formation of leaders is producing a healthy Iranian Church.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $75,000 to support Multimedia Theological Training for the house church movement in Iran. Please designate gifts to Multimedia Theological Training.