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Pakistan Bible Correspondence School
in Pakistan

PBCS courses are offered free to Pakistanis, and funds are needed to advertise the classes in local newspapers; print and circulate a monthly follow-up publication to graduates of the program; and print coursework materials for the students. Of the 1,500 students who attend courses every year, more than half are non-believers. PBCS issued 4,603 certificates in 2018 and 217 Bibles, 704 New Testaments and, 4,000 Christian books were sent out to Christian and non-Christian students. More than 1,000 prisoners are now studying the Bible through correspondence courses. PBCS received permission from the government for visits and face-to-face Bible studies with illiterate prisoners which is a great opportunity to build relationships with prisoners and their families while expressing the love of Jesus. PBCS also distributes the “Jesus” DVD and has opened six literacy centers for the children of brick kiln workers where Bible stories are used for teaching reading.

The Impact

Many Pakistani Muslims are interested in learning about the Bible but cannot safely enter a church. Classes in “neutral locations” followed by a series of lessons sent through the mail are allowing the Good News to be shared.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $15,000 to facilitate the sharing of the Good News in Pakistan while opening the Bible to those who have never had access to it before.