New Church Development
in Brazil

About Our Partner

New Church Development in South Brazil 2014 Handout.jpg

The Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPIB)

Beginning in 2015, The Outreach Foundation began to re-focus its mission in Brazil towards seeing this mature church as a place to learn about church planting even as we contribute to the spread of the Gospel in Brazil. We are doing this in step with the new vision of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPIB) for planting churches. This vision has several foci:

•Assess for Success: In partnership with the Center for Training Church Planters, it will assess potential church planters and call only those with the right gifts for starting new churches.

•Build the Body: The focus of church planting will be to build up new communities of disciples of Jesus with a lesser priority being given to the purchase or building of a sanctuary.

•Collaborate with Congregations: The national office will come alongside congregational initiatives to plant churches. Outside funding will be sought to supplement what the local congregations are investing.

The Outreach Foundation seeks U.S. partners who will support a new church in Brazil and, at the same time, learn from that church with a view to start new churches of their own.

The Impact

Research has shown that the most effective way to grow the Church of Jesus Christ is to start new churches. Brazilian congregations are reaching out in creative ways to plant new churches among unchurched people in Brazil. U.S. churches who want to come alongside them as ministry partners will gain insights and inspiration and be challenged to plant churches in their own U.S. communities.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $40,000 to support four new Brazilian churches at $10,000 per church.