in Israel and Palestine

About Our Partner

Musalaha promotes reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians as demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus. They seek to be an encouragement and facilitator of reconciliation, first among Palestinian and Israeli believers, and then beyond to those respective communities. Another ministry of Musalaha is to facilitate bridge building among different segments of the Israeli and Palestinian societies according to biblical reconciliation principles. It is their belief that Christ’s death and resurrection are the foundation of reconciliation, and that forgiveness and healing can only come through following His example and obeying His word. Musalaha hopes to emulate and teach Christ’s model of forgiveness, mercy, and love--- breaking down the walls of enmity that so easily embitter and ensnare.

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The Impact

This creative reconciliation ministry uses seminars, retreats, workshops and “desert encounters” to build bridges, relationships and understanding between Palestinian and Israeli Christians who are often estranged because of the competing claims to the land in which they coexist. Is it possible for those Palestinians and Israelis who desire to remain true to their identity, history, and nationality to also live as neighbors free of hostility, bitterness, and fear? Musalaha provides venues in which the answer, through Christ, can be “Yes!”

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $5,000 to support Musalaha’s ministries of reconciliation.