Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary
in Cuba

About Our Partner

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The Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary was established in 1946 and is an ecumenical pastoral training center. On campus, BA and MA programs are offered as well as an MDiv. Longer, non-residential versions of these programs can be followed for students who do not have the luxury of full-time study and may already be serving in a ministry setting. Newer programs in Christian education, lay leadership training, pastoral care in prisons, and specialized training for ministry with the deaf and dumb are expanding the options of the seminary even as they respond to the needs of congregations. An extension program takes the seminary’s ministry to seven different provinces. Over 400 young men and women representing more than a dozen Protestant denominations are now engaged in studies through Matanzas Seminary. Salaries for professors and staff are very low. The largest expenses that the seminary faces are food for the seminary community and transportation for faculty and students, most of whom serve a congregation during the weekends.

The Impact

The Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary provides a high quality, diversified theological education program that prepares young church leaders to meet the challenges of growth in existing local congregations, including those of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba, and pursuing new church developments throughout Cuba.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $40,000 for programs and scholarships at Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary.