Home of Hope
in Harare, Zimbabwe

About Our Partner

CCAP Harare Synod


Joan Trevelyan and her team, including son Craig, faithfully minister to people living on the streets of Harare. Several years ago, The Outreach Foundation made it possible for Joan to purchase a home to live in and a facility for her street ministry. She now cares for street mothers as well as children and older people who live on the street due to illness, poverty, or unemployment. Joan (also known as “the Tea and Bread Lady”) and her team serve and bear witness to the love of Christ under difficult circumstances. In addition to feeding and training mothers at the Home of Hope, Joan serves breakfast every week to over 200 people. She also provides scholarships and uniforms to school children and medical aid to many in need. Several ladies from last year are still receiving training in sewing. Their instructor, Lucy, is teaching them how to make shorts, shirts, and dresses so they can sew school uniforms for their children. Hopefully, we will be able to give each of them a start-up package when they complete their training. Home of Hope remains a lifesaver to many in the city of Harare, where neither land nor employment is available to street people, widows or single mothers.

The Impact

The Home of Hope ministry continues its important work, especially with regards to the children, their education and the challenges they face. We rejoice in seeing mothers who graduated from the skills program earning some income and preventing their children from going on the streets, breaking the cycle of poverty.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $36,000 for the Home of Hope ministry to street people.