Holistic Evangelism in Tete Province

Youth Leadership Workshop in Zobue

Youth Leadership Workshop in Zobue

About Our Partner

Presbyterian Church in Mozambique

In Mozambique’s Tete Province, The Outreach Foundation actively supports a holistic evangelism project that is transforming the lives of thousands. This ministry has helped our global partner, the Presbyterian Church in Mozambique, to establish more than 80 new congregations in the last 15 years. These churches continue reaching out to their neighbors, sharing the Gospel. Demonstrating God’s love through health ministries is part of the work. Wells supply clean water to many villages. Health assistants provide non-emergency care for villagers living in remote areas. Grass-roofed churches are being replaced with brick churches. With only three part-time tent-making pastors serving the many churches, equipping the members for ministry is critical. Evangelists, elders, women’s and youth leaders are built up for their work through regular training. A lay training program has been established to train elders and evangelists in new ways to care for the congregation as the church continues to grow and serve people in this very remote area. A Leadership Training Center was completed and dedicated in June 2017.

The Impact

Churches, wells, schools, teacher housing, and clinics are being constructed. Health education and disease prevention are being taught. Traditional birth attendants and village health assistants are being trained. Elders, evangelists, and church leaders are being trained and equipped to lead 80+ churches served by only three part-time, tent-making pastors.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $315,500 for churches, wells, schools, teacher housing, leadership training seminars and center, bicycles and village health kits.