Girls' Education and Rescue Centers
in Kenya

About Our Partner

Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA)

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa has a vision to provide a future of hope for children and their families. Educating girls is one way to achieve this. Girls from poor families have no choice other than leaving school, which limits their job opportunities, and most of them stay home. Making high schools available provides opportunities for them to learn skills which will help them enter the job market for better income.

The PCEA has also embarked on rescuing girls who might be forced into early marriage and circumcision by providing rescue centers. The Outreach Foundation’s East Africa Mission Consultants, Stu and Annie Ross, work with the PCEA and civil authorities on this ministry. All of the rescue centers are connected to a PCEA boarding school. More dormitories and classrooms are needed to accommodate the girls. Scholarships for rescued girls are also needed.

The Impact

It is a Maasai custom to betroth young girls to older men. Often girls are sent to their husband as soon as they reach puberty because of the money given to the family. Women have few or no options in the Maasai culture. Boarding schools offer them safety from early marriage, and education gives them a hopeful future. The first class of 30 girls graduated in 2012 and moved all over Maasai land. The impact is going to be huge both culturally and in community transformation.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $70,000 for more classrooms and dormitories and $10,000 for scholarships to pay for the girls’ boarding and education.