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Clean Drinking Water
in Kenya

About Our Partner

Presbyterian Church of East Africa

Water is the most precious commodity in East Africa. Gifts designated to this project will bring water to thirsty villages. A water borehole is very difficult and expensive to develop. Because the water table is between 300-600 feet deep, it costs an average of $30,000 to drill one borehole to supply clean drinking water to a village. Where boreholes are not feasible, we work with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa partners to bring water to a PCEA church or school by installing a gutter catchment system and a water tank. The receiving family/school provides the piping and builds the slab for the tank. Gutters and tanks are the least expensive and most environmentally friendly way to address the need for water. For as little as $2,500 per site, The Outreach Foundation, working with our partners, can provide thirty families with water using this method. There are many villages in need of this practical, life-giving assistance.

The Impact

In remote areas of Kenya, women and children spend forty percent of their time collecting and carrying water. This project brings water to families, enabling children to go to school instead of carrying water and freeing up time for women who walk as far as 12 miles for water, carrying 20-liter tanks that weigh nearly 60 pounds on their backs.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 for gutters and tanks – $2,500 per site.