PCEA Stone Church Construction
in East Africa

About Our Partner

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa

With its mission “To empower, equip, build and transform God’s people for effective service through preaching, teaching and witnessing in words and deeds in East Africa and beyond,” the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), focused on ministry in Kenya and Tanzania but also serving congregations in Rwanda and Uganda, is a vibrant, growing denomination. After years of primarily serving people of the Kikuyu tribe, the church is now reaching out to other peoples. We work with the Mission Projects Committee of the PCEA to identify projects of special significance that can elevate the church’s ministry and mission to the next level. Coordinating this work are Outreach’s East Africa Mission Consultants, Stu and Annie Ross, who work closely with the PCEA leadership. The Presbyterian Church in Eastern Africa presently has about 4,000,000 members, 310 parishes, over 1,000 congregations and hundreds of house fellowships.


Click HERE to view the 200th Church Completed Celebration Booklet

The Impact

Supporting construction of a stone church doesn’t involve doing for others what they can do for themselves; rather, it is a strategic coming alongside of and sharing resources with congregations who are already giving sacrificially, leveraging resources in ways that expand a congregation’s base for ministry and outreach.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $120,000 to build four churches at $30,000 each.