Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery
in Lusaka, Zambia

About Our Partner

Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia

The Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery is a safe refuge for abandoned and vulnerable toddlers, ages 18 months to five years. Authorities work diligently with the home staff trying to locate any family children may have in the area. One such child, Lindsay, was abandoned by both parents at an early age. This sweet little girl was brought to the nursery by a local child welfare officer. She had a quiet, soft spoken nature and proved to be a quick learner. From the first day she arrived at the nursery, she understood and followed the new routines. Lindsay has a very warm and loving heart. She does not mind letting other children be the center of attention, especially when visitors are around. She enjoys interactive group activities such as singing and dancing and has made friends easily. As this is only a temporary safe haven, the hope is to reunite her with her own family soon. For Lindsay, the nursery has been a loving and tender start to the carefree childhood that she deserves.

The Impact

Over the past five years, the Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia has received 1,322 children, including newly born babies. Of these, 677 children were reunited with their families, 156 adopted, 14 placed in foster families and 377 transferred to other permanent homes.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $60,000 for the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery to continue its work in God’s mission.