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Bibles for New Christians

About Our Partner

The Outreach Foundation seeks partners in the global spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ by providing a Bible to those new to the faith. Estimates will vary slightly but approximately 7,000 people groups (slightly under two billion people) have not heard the Gospel and missionaries and pastors use the Bible to draw people into faith. Currently The Outreach Foundation is in need of Bible distribution to several strategic places that have made special requests. An urgent need can be found in: China, Africa (Rwanda, Mozambique and South Sudan), Iran, Egypt, Russia and Cuba.

The Impact

God is using the Bible to draw people to faith and to grow disciples of Jesus even, at times, when they are not a part of the church. In the church new believers are strengthened in faith and grow in their knowledge of God through the study of God’s Word.

The Need

Any gift can help! Study Bible for pastor in China: $10/Bible; Africa, Russia, Egypt: $20/Bible; Iran: $25/Bible.