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Bibles for New Christians

About Our Partner

The Bible is a powerful tool in leading people to Christ and the foundation for growing in the faith for every Christian. But in many places Bibles are not available or are too expensive to obtain. It is especially important that new Christians have access to God’s Word in their own heart language. The Outreach Foundation seeks gifts in any amount to help provide Bibles for new believers. At present, our priority is Bible distribution in several strategic places that have made special requests to The Outreach Foundation: China (Study Bibles), Africa (Rwanda and Mozambique), and Egypt (through the Bible Society of Egypt). But we have also provided Bibles in Russia and Cuba and will distribute Bibles as needed and requested by our partners in whatever country they are working.    

The Impact

God is using the Bible to draw people to faith and to grow disciples of Jesus even, at times, when they are not a part of the church. In the church, new believers are strengthened in faith and grow in their knowledge of God
through study of God’s Word.

The Need

Any gift can help! Study Bibles in Chinese are $10; Solar-powered Audio Bibles for Africa are $35; Arabic Bibles for Egypt are $3.50/Bible.