Holy Ground

by Marilyn Borst, The Outreach Foundation's Associate Director for Partnership Development

I have returned to Lebanon for the 23rd time and have brought with me a team of eight women from California, South Carolina, Nebraska, Washington, D.C. and Indiana! In the days ahead, we will meet with partners whose ministries with refugees from Syria and Lebanon are bringing hope and healing in Christ’s name. 

Worship at Jebel Church

by Jeff Ritchie

Sunday our team split into three. Hani Jack and Hany Bareh each went to a congregation of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, while the rest of us went to Jebel Presbyterian Church. Jebel means “mountain,” and the church is at the base of a large hill on the edge of Juba.

Getting a Fuller Picture of God's Mission in South Sudan

by Jeff Ritchie

Life is not easy in South Sudan. Even when there is electricity, there are frequent outages. If the institution does not have a back-up generator, the night can be miserable. That was the case for us our first full night in Juba. But it was the third night for our new Egyptian friends. So we decided to move to a hotel which had air conditioning and a back-up generator. We were again grateful to the Rev. Peter Shabak for booking the Victoria Hotel amidst all the other duties of his office.