Lovemore Home - April 2014 Update

Dear Friends of Lovemore Home in Harare, Zimbabwe,

Greetings in Christ our Lord. We know that Lovemore Home, a safe haven for kids rescued from the streets by the Social Welfare department, is very close to your heart. This important ministry of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe was started in 1998 by our dear friends, Bill and Nancy Warlick. 

Syria Relief - April 2014 Update

What are the things that might keep you away from church on any given Sunday? Perhaps, you were worn out by a long week of work,   or maybe a cold or allergies have you feeling punk. Depending on where you live, weather can easily be a determinate; yet one more snowstorm or torrential rains that make getting out just too much work. And, if we are willing to admit it, there are those Sundays when our favorite preaching pastor is out of the pulpit. I, like many of you, have given myself a “pass” on a Sabbath morning, using many of these excuses. But their shadowy “validity” left me feeling a bit sheepish, as they made a review through my head on a Sunday this January when I and our team from The Outreach Foundation sat in worship in the Presbyterian Church in Damascus.  

Dustin and Sherri Ellington (PCUSA) - April 2014 Update

Dear Friends,

If sleeping on the ground outdoors in the cold, or with mosquitoes biting in the heat, will help him preach good news to the poor and freedom to the oppressed, our student Mphatso Matemba (pictured here) is willing to do it. On one level, I think any follower of Christ would be. But how often do we actually do so – put ourselves in places where we must make physical sacrifices on behalf of others?

Todd and Maria Luke (Outreach) - April 2014 Update

Dear Friends,

Cistern building season has arrived. During the next two weeks, our Presbyterian partners, both American and Mexican, will work with six families in the village of Polo Norte to build six cisterns. God willing, by July, we hope to have built twenty cisterns. Most of the families with whom we will labor together are not Presbyterian; so there will be ample opportunity for us to create with our hands, love with our kindness, and hopefully win their respect. 


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