Theological Education Centers in China 2014 Handout.png

Theological Education Centers

The need for leaders for the growing churches in China continues to be a major challenge for the Church. The quality of theological education has risen significantly in recent years, as Bible Schools have upgraded to   degree-granting colleges. However, the ministry context has grown more complex with increasing urbanization, a higher educational level inside and outside the church, and the challenges of equipping the church for community transformation.

The major contribution that The Outreach Foundation makes to the seminaries we serve in China is through donations of start-up libraries for graduates.  An emerging opportunity  for which we are seeking funds, is to provide expatriate teachers for short-term (modular) courses. 

In 2016, The Outreach Foundation will continue to support the Heilongjiang Theological Seminary, Jiangsu Theological Seminary, Shandong Theological Seminary, Zhejiang Theological Seminary, and Shaanxi Bible School.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$5,000 per seminary for library acquisitions, short-term teaching opportunities, and continuing education for faculty