New Church Development in Egypt

Today, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt (EPCE) has 315 organized churches and about 50 fellowship groups. In response to new opportunities made available due to demographic changes in Egypt, the Pastoral and Outreach Ministries Council (POMC) of the EPCE has identified three areas in which it believes that God is calling the church to pursue outreach.  

Revival of Existing Churches
In the past few decades many Egyptian families have moved from the old cities and villages of Upper Egypt to find jobs in the larger cities. This internal migration has depleted the churches of the older communities of the south, leaving many of them unable to support pastors.  Of the 315 churches of the EPCE, about 100 of them are without a pastor. Though these churches are currently struggling, they are a Christian presence in their respective areas that will be hard to replace if they are allowed to disappear.  

New Churches in Satellite Cities
Over the past few decades satellite cities have developed around Egypt’s major cities. As Christians have moved into these areas, they have developed about 50 fellowship groups. The POMC would like to provide pastors for some of these fellowships in order to allow them to develop into vibrant churches that can take the gospel into their neighborhoods.  

New Churches for the Suburbs
As a result of the social and economic changes during the past few decades, new suburbs are growing rapidly around Egypt’s major cities. There are currently 40 new suburbs around Cairo and 30 around Alexandria, and  this trend is occurring in other cities as well. As Christians move into these areas, they become disconnected from their former churches and have no new church to attend. POMC, therefore, proposes to start 25 new church     developments in the expanding suburbs.  

Minimum Goal for 2016

$600 per month will support one pastor of a new church development. The Outreach Foundation hopes to support several of these new churches each year.



Cairo, Egypt