Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

The Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETSC) in Cairo, founded in 1863, is one of the premier theological institutions in the Middle East. Almost all of the leaders of the Evangelical Church in Egypt graduated from this institution. 

Over the past two years the seminary has been expanding the size of its current campus. It has started two extension sites. And it has officially opened a Center for Middle Eastern Christianity that will serve the global church in the areas of mission, theology, and culture.

But the most exciting aspect of the seminary is the way it is equipping students and lay leaders to witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in and beyond Egypt. Students graduate from ETSC with a passion to witness in the way of Jesus Christ as their country undergoes political and cultural transitions and as they see God’s call to mission  beyond Egypt, especially in neighboring Sudan.

Funds are needed for scholarships, for the program of the Center for Middle Eastern Christianity, and for the continuing construction and remodeling of the newly-purchased facilities of the main campus.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$6,000 per student scholarship; $5,000 per month for program of the Center for Middle East Christianity; $150,000 for capital improvements



Cairo, Egypt