Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries

Only God knows how deep the impact of Christian broadcasting has been in countries where it is difficult to evangelize. Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries is one such ministry that The Outreach Foundation is blessed to support. It provides opportunities for people to hear the Word of God and other Christian teaching by means of radio broadcasts and cassette tapes.

One listener, for example, visited the studio to testify to his faith in Christ. He talked about how he and his family believe in the teachings of the Gospel, and how he firmly believes in the power of prayers in the name of Christ. He witnessed how his mother was healed through the prayers of radio friends. He asked for prayers for himself.

This is but one example of the encouraging testimonies collected by this ministry on a daily basis. Please pray that the word of God may bear fruit in the lives of many Pakistanis through the Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries. Mr. Zahoor Ulhaq directs this ministry.

Minimum Goal for 2016

$10,000 for Christian literature, radio broadcasts, and retreats