Holistic Evangelism in Tete Province

Imagine a place where there are more than 70 new Presbyterian churches started in the last 15 years, and imagine only four part-time tent-making pastors for these 70+ new congregations. This place is Tete Province, Mozambique. Lay leaders are trained by Rev. Nedson Zulu and Ms. Sebber Banda to fill this shortage of pastors.

Nedson and Sebber have designed a Leadership Training curriculum that covers 17 different areas of church life – elder training, women’s leadership, skills and vocational training for evangelists, and health awareness – just to name a few. These church leaders receive training on every aspect of church life.

On a recent visit to Tete Province, the team had an opportunity to interview some of the elders who have received this Leadership Training. They were an impressive group of men and women. One leader who had learned carpentry skills talked of how he was able to provide coffins at no charge for families that had lost loved ones.  He felt that the congregation had chosen him to receive the skills training so that he could be a better leader. As he helped families deal with their grief, providing a coffin as an act of service and love was a tangible expression of God’s love. In a similar way, an elder who had learned to be a tailor provided clothes to members of the church who could not afford to buy them. Both of these elders demonstrated servant leadership. They did not utilize their skills training solely for income. They used it as an opportunity to serve their congregation.

Construction of a Leadership Training Center is now underway. Currently elders, lay leaders, evangelists and  others must travel great distances for training at locations without adequate facilities. The Center will be centrally located making travel far more efficient and opening up training possibilities to many more people. A challenge gift which will match dollar for dollar up to $147,500 all gifts for the Training Center and salary support will  double every dollar received. The church is vibrant and healthy, growing by leaps and bounds in Tete Province. The Leadership Training provided by Nedson and Sebber is critical to that success. In fact, the long term future of this work depends on it. 

Minimum Goal for 2016

 $444,500 for:

  • church, school, and teacher housing
  • Lay Leadership Training
  • wells 
  • Jesus film
  • bicycles for evangelists
  • village health kits
  • operation
  • Leadership Training Center
  • project vehicle



Tete Province, Mozambique