Women's Ministries
in Africa

About Our Partner

In most African churches, women and children are the majority. The Outreach Foundation has been supporting and encouraging women in Africa per their request. Improving and empowering women changes and improves indicators related to children, communities, churches, and societies. Funds raised through this project have supported women in Rwanda and Zimbabwe for income-generating activities. We also supported “Tumekutana” gatherings in Ghana in 2015. Tumekutana means “we have come together.” It is a conference of Presbyterian women leaders from Africa born out of a vision to answer questions asked by women around Africa; to support each other; and to unite with the global church. In addition to bringing women together for encouragement and training, this project supports small income-generating projects that enable women to be self-reliant, take care of their families, and help the community at large. Increased self-reliance helps to reduce poverty and to expand the work of the church. Please come alongside the African Christian women in their effort to impact their communities with the Gospel of Jesus.

The Impact

Indicators such as poverty and infant mortality levels improved visibly with improvements to the women’s condition in many African countries including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $20,000 for women’s conferences, training, retreats, and small income-generating projects.