Tumaini Children's Ministries

Dear Partners and Friends,

We send warm Christian greetings to you all. We give glory to almighty God who has been with us this last quarter. It is our belief that the Lord has also blessed your endeavors. This quarter has been relatively challenging and busy with several visitors. The children left school for the Easter holiday from April 10th  until May 7th. The Tumaini residents stayed at the home and spent some time working on the farms. Everyone is now busy preparing for the end of the school year exams, which will be taken in early August. We praise God that all the children are doing fine.

Some of the Tumaini alumni visited the home in April. They spent time with the children and gave them motivational talks. The alumni have planned a fun sports event for August 17th and 18th. The theme is Restoring Hope through Fun and Sports. You may have heard about this event on Facebook via the Tumaini partners’ page, which was created by friends in U.S.A. To become part of this Facebook page, please email ebralie@theoutreachfoundation.org, Abigail@abigailmcconnell.com or etolley@snet.net. The alumni hope to have good participation in the event, which we are all looking forward to!

Dr. Elizabeth Akre visited us for two weeks in April. She was accompanied by two medical professors from the University of St Louis Medical School. They stayed at Baraka House and worked at the clinic. In May, we received ten visitors from California. They spent the day with the children. A group of twelve people from Mt. View Presbyterian Church in Arizona, led by Merry Cole Bender and accompanied by students from Daystar University, visited us in June. They helped paint the outside of Imani Hall among other things. Kathy Floyd from Meadows Presbyterian Church and two other medical teachers from her school visited us in July.

The weather is chilly, dry, and unpleasant, especially for the children, and it will be that way until August. The weather is good, however, for the growth of corn on our farms. We are praying for some rain so that we may have a good harvest. We thank God for each of you - for the part you have continued to play in the Tumaini ministry changing children’s lives, one at a time.
Yours in the Lord’s service,

Elizabeth Muturi, Tumaini Children’s Home Administrator