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Caring for Vulnerable Children in Kamwenge, Uganda - June 2018 Update

From Humble Beginnings
The Kamwenge region became the home for 40,000 returning Ugandans who had fled the country during Idi Amin’s presidency (1971-1979). During this period more than 250,000 Ugandans were murdered and millions more fled to neighboring countries. As time passed and democracy came to Uganda, these refugees returned but lived in abject poverty. The government settled a large number of them in Kamwenge on small parcels of land where they could eke out a living through sustenance farming.

Rev. John Mulindabigwi reached out to the Kamwenge community with the Gospel and began to support these people with relief supplies. Even though people responded to the Gospel, their future remained uncertain due to a lack of education, no sustainable income sources – really a hopeless way of living. John believed that a long-term solution could come only through educational opportunities, economic development, family engagement, and creating collaborative partnerships.

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Caring for Vulnerable Children in Uganda - January 2017 Update

Grateful for your passion in reaching the unreached and vulnerable children
in Kamwenge, Uganda

Dear friends,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus. Our gratitude goes to all the people who have upheld this work from inception until now. Your prayers, labor and support are not in vain. We always have you in our prayers.

Congratulations to Florence on her graduation from Uganda Christian University on October 21, 2016. With financial help from her sponsor, Florence began attending Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School (KSVS) in 2007, the year the school opened for classes. She graduated with the first class of students. Her sponsor remained with her and offered her a scholarship to attend university.

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Caring for Vulnerable Children in Uganda - December 2014 Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

As you reflect on this year’s Thanksgiving, just imagine a cluster of young children – some as young as three – trudging barefoot to the Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School (KSVS) grounds. They are barely clothed in tattered and dirt-crusted rags. They stare dully at the clean and neat high school students in the compound. This picture of children is in great contrast to the bright-eyed, eager students now fortunate enough to attend Good Shepherd Primary School thanks to your generosity. 

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Caring for Vulnerable Children

Dear Friends,

Our Hope was Born Through Pain

Although pain can be difficult to experience, good can be born through pain. There is pain at childbirth, but after the pain comes great fruit. Unless a seed dies, as Jesus said, it can’t multiply. We are indeed indebted to those who sacrifice for the work that’s taking place here; who have to part with money and materials to sustain work among those in need. I compare it to the act of God giving up his son for us, and Christ willfully laying down his life for us. Although these came with pain, they yield much fruit and bear witness to the fact that hope is born through pain.

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