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Street Children's Ministry in Kigali - November 2015 Update

Dear friends of Rwandan children,

In July 2015 we shared the story of Alfred, a young man whose life has been changed by CPAJ. Recently, an Outreach team visited the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda and CPAJ in Kigali. We were amazed at its leadership and its ministry to others, like Alfred, all over the country. We saw firsthand its impact on street children in particular. There are currently 40 residents at this center.

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Street Children's Ministry in Kigali - July 2015 Update

Dear Friends of Rwandan Children,

It has always been a blessing for us at Outreach to bring you stories of lives changed by your generosity. Alfred is one of hundreds rescued by the Presbyterian Street Children’s Ministry in Kigali. As you read his story, think about thousands of others with similar stories. The plight of children in Rwanda and other poor nations compels us to act and not wait.

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Street Children's Ministry in Kigali - August 2013 Update

The Presbyterian Church of Rwanda created the Centre Presytérian d’Amour des Jeunes in 1998 to help alleviate the consequences of the genocide and war that left a multitude of orphaned children in the streets. The situation is a little different now. Children are on the streets now because they fled poverty, abuse, and family violence. The center provides a facility for education, recreation, and spiritual activities. Here is a story from one of the children:

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